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Tonal Wave


14 x 28” print on white paper. Screen printed in Austin, signed by artist. Original artwork was sumi ink on paper. White frame not included.

This piece was a submission to the Austin Afterhours poster show. The first edition sold out during the show. The second limited edition of 40 is now available.

About the piece // Prominent in Austin is our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, who experience music in wildly different ways than the hearing community. Music is much more than what is audible to the human ear. It’s vibration. It’s tactile. Beats are felt. My piece shows the transformation of a sound wave, from a tonal musical wave—periodic, regular, even—into a noise wave—jagged, irregular, sporadic. The movement down the page creates an illusion of three dimensional texture. This piece, painted in sumi ink, is intentionally left black and white. Music does not need color to be vibrant and vivid.

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